Services & Capabilities

Pyrrias Consulting Services Ltd is a Private Security, Investigations and training company built on the Private Military Contractor model and specializing in High-Risk Security Operations, Risk Management, Security Consulting, Investigation, Intelligence, as well as Tactical and Defensive training for Law Enforcement, the Military and the Private Sector. Our top tier security specialist, investigators, and instructors are highly trained and experienced subject matter experts in the field in which they specialize.

PYRRIAS License’s allows us to: 
Import, export, distribute, install and maintain all military and security equipment, domestically and on the International market (in accordance with International law), logistical supplies by  road and air, the sourcing and training of candidates and medical/evacuation support to all potential clients.

Critical Infrastructure Security in Complex Environments

Airport/Aviation Security

  • Basic Bomb Awareness
  • Incident Commanders (I.C.)
  • Emergency Control Officers (E.C.O.)
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal (E.O.D.)
  • Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (I.E.D.D.)
  • Demolitions
  • VIP Protection Training
  • Offensive & Defensive Driving
  • Medical Training
  • Electronic & Specialized Surveillance
  • Health & Safety Officers
  • Loss Control Officers
  • Commercial & Specialized Diving
  • Interviewing & Interrogation
  • Nature Conservation Related Training

  Specialized Military Training:

  • Airborne

    • Rapid Deployment Forces e.g. Motorcycle Infantry & Mounted Infantry
    • Survival Skills
    • Tracking Skills
    • Special Forces Training
    • Military Engineering Training


    • Mine Awareness
    • Mine Clearance
    • Quality Control
    • Quality Assurance
    • Mine Detection Dogs & Handlers
    • Mechanical Mine Clearance

    The training and consequent utilization of dogs for various purposes, for example:

    • Explosive Detection Dogs (Scent Dogs);
    • Security Dogs (Guard Dogs);
    • Tracker Dogs (Scent Dogs);
    • Corridor Dogs (Alarm Dogs);
    • Narcotic Dogs (Scent Dogs);

    Working dogs are supplied on a rental basis to ensure the following:

    • Supervision by specialized personnel to ensure quality service.
    • Continuous training and retraining to maintain standards.
    • Competent personnel available to handle emergencies e.g. sick/injured dogs.
    • A motivated work force.
    • Maintenance of dogs, e.g. food and veterinarian services.
    • Replacements of dogs free of charge if necessary

    Security and Investigative Services

    Pyrrias, incorporating one of our strategic partners, provides Intelligence led risk management and solutions and is one of the leading providers of security management services to multinational companies, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and VIP private clients. Our aim is to personalize our services around the requirements of our clientele thereby offering them a seamless solution which puts their needs and requirements first at all times.We are also able to offer our clients a discreet network of senior political and security risk analysts with direct knowledge of each country, its political and business elite, its macro-economic structure and the range of political and security risks that are likely to be encountered. 

    We specialize in finding practical solutions to political and security risk-management issues that strictly adheres to good corporate governance and the requirements of international regulatory authorities. 

    Our services include:

    • Political & security risk assessments focussed on specific client projects.
    • Detailed information requirements on local business and political structures.
    • Briefing on the local corporate governance/ regulatory environment.
    • Risk-management solutions tailored specific client requirements, both political and security.
    • Business development in high risk countries.
    • Intelligence based security solutions specifically tailored for the Diamond, Gold, Oil and Gas industry

     Engineering and Construction

    Our strategic alliance partners were initially established to deliver precision engineering and procurement services to the South African Defense Force and its affiliates, and were fundamentally involved in the reconstruction and refurbishment of its “White Stallion” heavy recovery vehicles.  We have also in the past years completed successfully, the refurbishments and modification of all Hydraulic Factory machinery in its armored vehicle manufacture plant in Roodepoort, West of Johannesburg.

    PYRRIAS has over the past several years established itself as experts in creating living conditions for medium to large groups, in the Private and mining industry as well as Military/Security Bases with full services.

    During the construction phase of such camps, the team is usually responsible for:

    • The preparation of the campsite (Levelling of ground, compacting, gravelling, roads, fencing, etc.)
    • Electricity Installation to all structures;
    • Sewerage systems with sewerage effluent lines, septic tanks, etc.
    • Health and Safety, medical services.

    Typical camps are tailored to client requirements and usually consist of the following areas:

    • Accommodation facilities;
    • Kitchen Facilities;
    • Dining and Catering Facilities;
    • Recreational Facilities;
    • Ablution Facilities;
    • Laundry and Janitorial Services

     Camp Management and Services

    After a campsite is handed over to the client, the team is usually responsible for:

    • Maintenance of the campsite;
    • Logistical Support is fully supplied (e.g. food supplies, water supplies, etc.);
    • Preparation of food;
    • Health and Safety, medical support;
    • All other services necessary to ensure the camp is managed according to International standards, e.g. waste disposal, potable drinking water, field hospitals with trauma handling.

    We pride ourselves in ensuring a “Close to Home” approach to all inhabitants of our camps, no matter how remote the location. Turnkey Operational Camps include recreation facilities such as Gymnasiums, swimming pools and games rooms.

    Parallel to life support, we offer turnkey mechanical and industrial (6meter sized) mobile workshops for the maintenance of vehicles, generators, pumps or whatever the client requires. This will include the lease/hire/purchase of vehicles, mobile and stationary plant.

    An addition to our recent service delivery is the erection of pre-fabricated hangar facilities for the storage and maintenance of Rotary wing aircraft and their parts.

    Recruitment and Training

    PYRRIAS has actively supplied personnel to various fields in the Security and Trade Industry, in the Middle East and Africa.  During the past several years, we have placed in excess of 2000 qualified personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Sudan , Somalia, Uganda and multiple other countries in the region.


    • We consider that we have one of the best and up to date screening process to successfully screen and verify candidates, first time round.
    • Seeking all types of applicants as requested by client. Interviewing and conducting tests and recommending qualified staff in accordance with client’s job descriptions.
    • Ensuring that all selected personnel pass full medical tests. 
    • The Conducting of reference checks and background checks of personnel. 
    • Explain documentation to candidates and obtain and transmit executed documentation to Employer.
    • In some cases, obtain, collect and distribute visas and airline tickets and other travel documentation to selected candidates as directed by client.
    • Supply client with a confidential folder on each candidate recruited, including work history, resume, former employer references, medical certificates, passport and immigration documents, driver’s licenses and other pertinent and customary materials. 
    • Liaising with candidates’ family in cases of injury or death, and handling all necessary paperwork pertaining to certain issues. 
    • Updating and filing of all records showing all services performed.


    • Expert supervision by specialized personnel to ensure host nation personnel are properly trained to operate and maintain the equipment they have procured through PYRRIAS thereby ensuring quality service and support to their home country.
    • Continuous training and retraining to maintain standards.
    • Competent personnel available to handle emergencies e.g. sick and injured, equipment operators and maintainers.
    • Through the maintenance of extremely high training standards PYRRIAS can ensure that there is a well trained work force which in turn is highly motivated.

    Medical Services

    PYRRIAS has on its team fully qualified medical experts, who in turn, can offer potential clients, full medical support, inclusive of up to 100 man field hospitals, with all equipment and logistical support to cater for all medical emergencies and day to day medical requirements.

    PYRRIAS, with its strategic partners, can offer the following medical services:

    • Host Country site and project health risk and needs analysis
    • Scoping of appropriate medical services, including Emergency Medical evacuation capability
    • Turnkey medical facility infrastructure planning
    • Medical facility  design 
    • Design of Medical facility protocols , documentation and support procedures
    • Recruitment, training and induction of project medical staff
    • Management oversight and advise during construction and development phase
    • Sourcing and Procurement of  Medical equipment and consumables
    • Equipment  Commissioning
    • Medical facility management
    • Support ongoing equipment and facility maintenance
    • Continuous supply and control of medical consumables and medicines
    • Support continuous improvement and quality control measures (auditing)
    • Ongoing medical advice – remote site, and sites where provision of medical services poses a challenge to service providers
    • Travel medicine

    Air Transportation and Support Services:

    PYRRIAS with its network of strategic alliances is a world class provider of aviation services. Over a period of 20 years we have amassed extensive experience in various sectors of the aviation industry.

    • Air Transport Services:

    • Our clients can charter aircraft of all sizes available for the movement of equipment they purchase and the personnel necessary to operate and maintain that equipment. Aircraft most commonly used are: IL76TD Freighter, AN12BP Freighter, DC8 Freighter, Boeing 767 Pax, Boeing 727 Pax, Boeing 727 Freighter, Boeing 737 Pax. Our clients include a broad spectrum of Military, commercial and aid and humanitarian agencies including the UN and Red Cross. ALL receive the same levels of professional services and support. Regardless of the mission requirements or locations. 
    • Airfield Services: 

    • Our team has been involved with the rehabilitation of existing runways, taxiways, hanger facilities, the implementation of fuel storage facilities, equipment handling and staffing in Middle Eastern and African countries including the Oman, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Angola and the DRC. We possess the know-how and craftsmanship to implement and support all facets requested for airfield services. Rapid deployment is an integral part of our competency including the key and critical equipment and hardware, such as power units and maintenance equipment, which are already part of inventory.
      • Movement Control: 

      • The support of various NGO’s, African Union and troop rotations including battalion rotations of Ghana (GAMBAT), Nigeria (NIBAT), India (INDBAT), Bangladesh (BANGBAT) troops as well as SANDF (South African National Defence Force personnel.)  We have supported National Defense Force troop rotations in Burundi, Kinshasa and Kigali in the DRC while operating from Uganda, in support of local NGO and UN operations in Southern Sudan both road and air.
    • Aircraft Service and Maintenance: 

    • As a principle contractor to the UNAMSIL mission during the startup and initiation of C.A.R. National Airline our team provided daily aviation services and aircraft maintenance. Communication Equipment / VSAT Service / VOIP and Data / and Maintenance:  This service has been successfully provided and implemented in Angola and Nigeria.  Combining this demonstrated performance with the ongoing communication mission support and abilities of providing rapid deployment and sustained communications support demonstrates that insured critical communication support to missions of any size and scope is assured.
    • Vehicles and Maintenance:

    • Members of our strategic alliance provided a turnkey operation for a de-mining mission initiated and funded by Her Majesty, the princess of Wales. (Diana). This started in the North of Angola and spread into the South of Zaire. This included all road and off-road vehicles for the total support of the mission. Combined with this was the storage of parts and day to day maintenance of the entire fleet.  In addition, we were the preferred bidder for the replacement of wheeled equipment on the island of Diego Garcia in December 2006.

      Water Supply: 

    • We have established and proven systems in place with experience in well drilling, mobile purification systems, UV sterilization units and bladder installations from where potable and bottled water is obtained. Time and funds can be saved as we have in excess of 20 years’ experience in African water purification projects.  This capability, coupled with the ability of MSC to provide Reverse \ Osmosis Purification (ROWPU) support, provides a number of viable options to multifaceted support missions.

      • Engineering and Construction Services: Our team has been involved with various projects in the private sector such as the planning, construction and startup of various kimberlitic mine projects in Angola, the DRC and CAR. Notwithstanding, we did the pre-planning, design and rehabilitation of the Saurimo, Luena and Huambo airfields in Angola.

        • Logistical Support

        • One of our strategic partners was a fundamental bidder for the procurement of clothing, ablution, cooking and housing units for the possible re-establishment of the Liberian New Defense Project.
        • The supply of Ballistic/Protective Clothing to the Metro Police in the Johannesburg and Cape Town Municipal Areas.
        • The Group provides expert, one stop, comprehensive supply services to mining companies and other corporate clients throughout Africa.
        • Procurement, delivery and positioning will include the following, Weapons Systems, Vehicles, Soft and Up Armored, Stationary plant, Rotary and Fixed Wing Aircraft, water purification units, fuel depots, medical facilities, mobile and built transit camps, troop rotations, by road and air, training and lecture rooms, mobile ablution and dining facilities, vehicle spares and tooling


        The PYRRIAS business model offers flexible services tailored to the specifications of its clients, Spanning the procurement, transportation, documentation and delivery of a full range of requirements, From weapons systems, aircraft, ships, heavy  machinery, medical supplies and equipment  to minor consumables and administration supplies.

        We pride ourselves on the timeliness of our same day response to inquiries and orders. The principals are personally available to handle all client needs.

        We are a full service security, logistics and services company spanning both the Middle East and Africa. 

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