In today’s business world there are a multitude of reasons to hire a consultant, none more relevant than in the defence industry, especially when considering the vast multitude of defence company representatives. Representatives that are “touting” their latest “best and improved “models, that countries “most definitely need” to protect their critical infrastructure and borders and that no one else can match their products or capabilities.

The problem for any logistics officer, procurement specialist or government official lies simply in the fact that most of the time they have an idea of what they want or need, but do not know what they really need. They may have a rough idea, based on suggestions from “advisors,” but lack a total overlook of the complex situation and the requirements therein. Essentially this means that the potential risk of procuring a product, that either does not fit into the situational arena or the country's true needs, is huge because of the external “pressure” from the frequent visits of company representatives who are rightly interested, first and only, in selling their companies’ products. These representatives most probably won’t take the time to consider what is actually required for the situation they are instead looking to make a sale, make a profit and then move on to the next sale. This not only applies to the initial situation, but also to any future sales or emerging future threats.

At Pyrrias Consulting Services Ltd, as defence and security consultants, our job is to look not only at the present situation, but the possible future and any potential threats or opposition a country may face. We take into account the geo-political arena of our client and assess possible threats to that client’s critical infrastructure systems and borders, both from external and potential internal threats.
We operate as an independent entity, with absolutely no allegiance to any individual manufacture or foreign government trying to sell their products. We are unique in that we are dedicated to and working solely for our client, with their best interests in mind and offering solutions for what is actually necessary, nothing more or less, at the best price available for the equipment genuinely needed to enable the country's armed forces to do their job in a professional manner equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience necessary.
Through our corporate skill sets, we are able to assist in the training of all members of a country's armed forces. This includes but is definitely not limited to:

  • All aspects of modern warfare,
  • Technical support upgrades,
  • Electronic systems testing on all equipment supplied or already in theater,
  • Jungle warfare,
  • Modern small arms and light weapons training,
  • Heavy weapons training, and technical support.

This applies to ground, air and sea forces. We employ the most qualified ex-armed forces and security personnel and civilian specialists trained to be the best in their fields of expertise.

Our unique organisational structure allows us to offer the very best opportunities for success and to offer our clients the necessary tools for every situation. Our experience of over 50 years as professionals in military and security matters allows us to have an insight into all scenarios that may influence a country's security and therefore its government, inhabitants, and their lives.

Counter terrorism, counter intelligence, and counter insurgency operational training can also be offered to our client's armed forces that are under such attacks from terrorist groups. Geo-political analysis, for future reference and trends in the client country, are just one of many specialities that we can offer in a wide ranging field of critical infrastructure protection in complex environments.
Risk assessments and risk mitigation programs calling for the best in electronic counter measures and VIP personnel protection details are also in our long list of programs. These are available through us, together with the necessary equipment to complete these tasks and train local assets. All ammuntion sourced through us is NATO EPVAT approved.


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