Pyrrias Consulting Services Ltd, is a UK registered limited company owned and directed by ex British - Irish and US forces, Officers and SNCO's. Having worked, amongst others, in all areas of CT (Counter Terrorism), CI (Counter Intelligence) and COIN (Counter Insurgency) programs. They have now turned their expertise into tools for the civilian corporate businesses working in hostile environments, risk assessments, risk management - risk mitigation plans and implementation, governments requiring instructors, advisors and inteligence analysts, as well as supplying training aids for their armed forces. Corporate entities and foreign governments have used and continue to use Pyrrias Consulting Services as one of their preferred service providers.

Pyrrias brings well over 50 years experience in these areas. Employing only experts that have distinguished themselves in their various fields.

David Stone ma msc cmas cas-msm 

CEO of Pyrrias Consulting Services and has been a leader in the security community through his efforts against the illegal proliferation of small arms and light weapons. Also active in the development and vetting of training courses that include a broad theoretical base and front-line tactical training for security operators. Has also worked as an independent consultant for various countries on counter proliferation of Arms, Narcotics, Human trafficking and Terrorism.
His academic background includes:
• Kings College – Master of Arts, Terrorism, Security and Society
• Trinity College – Master of Science , Computer Science
• Anti-Terror Accreditation Board (ATAB) CMAS (Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist)
• Anti-Terror Accreditation Board (ATAB) CAS (Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist)
• Anti-Terror Accreditation Board (ATAB) CAS - MSM (Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist - Maritime Security manager)
Beechams Encyclopaedia of Terrorism: Co-Author with Mathew Maavak “The Arms of Terror”. An intense look at illegal arms used in the world and the way they are moved around to suit the terrorist’s needs.

peder cox MA BSc

VP and East coast representative of Pyrrias for the US. Mr. Cox Has over 40 years of both national and international experience in the field of Logistics and Transportation Management. He is a retired U.S. Army officer with a broad span of experience in all areas of logistics management, from the strategic to tactical levels, command and control, United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and Logistics Support and also Security Operations. During the period February 1995 thru June 1997 Mr. Cox served as the principal advisor for all logistics and engineering support to the Special Representative to the Secretary General, United Nations Mission in Haiti and then to the Transitional Administrator for the Secretary General, United Nations Transitional Administration in Eastern Slovenia (Croatia). In this capacity Mr. Cox was responsible for the development and implementation of all plans for logistics support, base camp construction, intra and inter-theater transportation. Mr. Cox currently serves as an Adjunct Faculty member with the George Mason University, Master’s Degree Program on Peace Operations Policy where he teaches Logistics Operations and Support for Peace Operations. He is also an Adjunct Faculty member of the Lester B. Pearson Peacekeeping Center where he teaches the same subject to civilian and military personnel preparing to participate in UN Peacekeeping Operations

Andrew beard

Director Business Development of Pyrrias for the US. Mr. Beard is an Ex British Military "Royal Navy" Veteran having served just under 14 years. A Naval Diver, served on-board aircraft carrier H.M.S. Invincible & type 21 warships. Served with NATO at their London H.Q. Northwood, received specialised training in Belize with the SBS in regards to armed fast boat approach to possible gun/drug runners in and around the West Indies & served with the Military Police at Provost H.Q. Plymouth. Tours included the Falkland Is, Persian Gulf, United States, Canada and the West Indies.
He was also Head of Security dealing with contracts on Warships & Nuclear Submarine Re-fitment within various H.M. Dockyards.  He also handled the recruitment of personnel on contracts for H.M.S. Defiance contracts & Marconi Space Defence Systems Ltd. he has also worked undercover surveillance involving under aged children via Department of Social Services. He was a self-employed Close Protection Operative dealing with Royal & Diplomatic protection in and around Europe. An experienced PSD operator within Iraq, Afghanistan, Switzerland, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe & Sierra Leone. Worked Close Protection for a US based company at multiple US states/locations. He is now a full permanent resident of the US with Green Card. Andrew is also a DoD CAC Card holder to secret in Iraq and holds a secret clearance with the FCO (UK).

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